I’m far from perfect but as least I’m not fake and…..

I’m far from perfect but at least I’m not fake and I sure as hell am not a liar.

You can’t tell the truth and be a liar. Eventually all of the lies will catch up with you and you won’t be able to keep them straight anymore.

That’s why it’s always best to keep it real. Tell the truth about yourself and if you don’t know the truth then maybe it’s better to just keep your mouth shut until you can figure it out for yourself.

Did you know that pride is one of the deadly sins? It causes beautiful angels to turn into demons and it’s a spiritual cancer.

Pride and ego are friends with devil, and if the angels can fall then so can you.

I find myself still having compassion for those who are lost inside themselves.

If they could just learn to be honest then everything would change, however if they continue on the path of destruction it will end in despair.

Is it possible that some people are so far removed from their own personalities that they themselves don’t know who they are.

There are times in your life when you have to accept responsibility for the messes that you’ve created. You have to learn to be able to say your sorry and to be honest about what you did and why you did it.

But if your always blaming someone else, then you are emotionally inept. Blame and shame are for the spiritually and emotionally weak souls in this world.

You might think that your getting away with things down here on earth but you know that once you get to heaven, Gods going to hold your ass accountable.

You are under attack by the enemy and you can ask for help at anytime, but that’s all on you. God can’t help someone who doesn’t think they need help.

Why do think he created free will?

He wants to you to wake up from yourself and go to him and confess it all.

Or you can keep doing things your way and see where you end up.

You are never to far gone for God to help you. There’s nothing in this world that he won’t forgive you for if your willing to be real.

💜 Tay Tay

Thanks for reading my beautiful friends


God Bless


7 thoughts on “I’m far from perfect but as least I’m not fake and…..

  1. I think the reason why some fear being real is because they fear man, rather than God. They are so afraid of being left out, not appreciated by whomever, feeling that they don’t belong, and just not mattering, that they live lives of pretense, fantasy, and outright deceit. Sure, it’s difficult to keep BS straight. Interestingly, we have a choice to either be real or fake. Thing is, which serves us here on Earth? What makes us feel part of the group here on Earth? Heaven can Wait, or can it?

    Believe me, it’s not always a picnic being a Real McCoy, but in the end, and it will come eventually, we’ve spared ourselves regret, and worry about where the heck we’ll end up when Judgement Day arrives.

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      1. Oh sweet! Yes, being real is best, and so much less to try and hide. My beloved Mother always told me to just be myself. People may be taken aback at first, but they grow to respect you more later.☺️

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