I’m worthy of excitement and passion and desire

I’m worthy of love

Of coming first

Of being spoiled and adored

I’m worthy of excitement and passion

And desire

I’m worthy of a lifetime of adventure

Of feeling free


Worthy of being me

Ladies and gentlemen know your worth! If you don’t know what you want or what you desire then you will spend an entire life time just getting by.

I refuse to live a life that repeats unhealthy patterns. I won’t deny myself the love I deserve simply because your unable to grow.

I sacrificed many years of my life trying to fit in and be what other people wanted to me to be.

Until it finally made me so miserable I couldn’t wait to get out.

We cannot neglect our inner fire without damaging ourselves in the process.

The damage of course is a life lost unto itself. Millions of souls drifting through life, without and inner compass to give them direction.

They take their cues from others and live out scripts from someone else’s life. It’s a high price to pay. Too high.

John Eldredge

Oh hell no to this!

I’m not here to take my cues from you, and I’m sure as hell not giving up my dreams any longer to make someone else happy.

Writing a blog has literally help me heal my entire heart. It’s amazing what happens when you begin to let it all out.

I’ve finally reclaimed my voice and I’m not even sure exactly when or where I lost it, but I won’t ever lose it again.

I’m finally feeling like myself again and not like I’m sacrificing my own happiness to please someone else. That’s so unhealthy and dysfunctional and that shit stops here.

Some women are ok with coming last.

They don’t mind that you put work and golf and friendships and alcohol before them and the family, but I mind.

I know I deserve the very best and I won’t ever settle again.

There’s no sense in wasting your time trying to explain yourself to people that are committed to misunderstanding you.

Save your breath they don’t have the emotional intelligence to understand you. Instead figure out exactly what sets your soul on fire and then be brave enough to make your dreams come true.

Stop fighting and let go!

Acceptance is key to change and avoidance is the key to dysfunction.

You can repeat history or you can wake up!

Learn to focus on you because you are the only one you can change.

Wish me luck today I’m going back to the dentist for a check up.

Maybe by May I’ll have teeth and my life back just in time for a big ass birthday celebration.

💜 Tay Tay


God Bless


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