Self Love Means Finding The Home Within You

Self love is a journey into yourself my friends. It’s a spiritual level of enlightenment that can only come when your truly ready to be committed to yourself.

We often times look for home in others when we need to find the home inside of ourselves first. We give our power away to people that don’t deserve it and we pretend that it’s all right.

The reasons were so quick to do this is because we don’t know our worth. We must learn to make peace ✌️ with the voices in our heads. We have to learn the difference between our hearts and our heads.

It takes time to learn to love yourself especially if you’ve been talking shit to yourself your entire life. And if your not even aware of how you talk to yourself, pay attention to that starting today.

There’s a huge difference between making decisions from your heart and making them from your head. One comes from fear and logic and one comes from straight up hope.

Whenyou learn to love yourself then every thing is going to change. I think we have to break our own heart as many times as it takes for it to crack open and receive love.

Some lovely souls will never experience this level of spiritual enlightenment and this is ok dear ones, there are plenty of people that want to share the love.

As we begin to practice more and more self love we will continue to help others do the same. The law of attraction is so big that you will begin to naturally repel the fake friends in your lives and you will replace them with light seekers.

Self love takes time to learn and you’ve got to be committed to you! You don’t get a 6 pack at the gym by going for a week, and you sure aren’t going to become a professional lover of thy self by showing up for yourself once a week.

You’ve got to become committed to knowing the real you no matter what it takes.

Your not growing if your not uncomfortable

πŸ’œ Tay Tay

4 thoughts on “Self Love Means Finding The Home Within You

  1. Thank you Tay for sharing this. So many people ask “what is the key to happiness?” or “How can I find happiness?” The truth is that happiness is a decision. And it begins with an honest acknowledgement of yourself and your flaws and a permission to DO your journey honestly. Walking in your own truth can be isolating, liberating, confusing…but do it. The ultimate reward is loving yourself and your life. Others will respond by loving you too πŸ™‚

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    1. When we
      Decide to bring
      Forth the light, all the other light seekers will surround usπŸ’œ as en empath my biggest downfall is trying to help everyone and they have to honestly want to help themselves! I hope you have a great day Christina I can’t wait to check out your blog!


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