This Is My Life Right Now

Good Fritay Morning!

I’ve had quite the eventful week.

On Monday I started the process of getting my dental implants!

Holy shit to that procedure.

I’m guessing if I didn’t have a fractured septum it might have been a little less painful.

I had some goofy gas, like just a little bit. Enough to numb my hands and feet but my ass was awake for that. The posts are in place and now they have to heal for 3 months.

My mom says I’m bad ass to do that awake and aren’t our mothers always right?!?!?

I sure didn’t feel badass but I got it done.

I think it was a little bit rough on me just because of the accident that I had. It’s a little traumatic to go back to the place where you had emergency surgery to remove your teeth. But I am beyond blessed with my dentist and his staff, they are the most amazing souls around.

This whole process has been a challenge to say the least, but I will persevere my friends and keep on trucking.

If I could fast forward about 6 months I would most certainly do that but I sure as shit can’t so I’ll just keep sharing my light and my love with you as I continue to kick ass and take names.

I am a badass Warrior Goddess Of love and light and no matter what happens I will always shine my light. I’ve had lots of amazing things to be thankful for this week.

I had surprise flowers at the salon when I went to work one day with some candy and it was exactly what my heart needed.

I got my roots done which means I got to spend time with this beautiful soul, which I don’t get to do nearly enough of.

I saw the most beautiful sky on the way to take my daughter to school. Purple and pinks are my favorites.

I wrote a blog that had an enormous amount of reads! I love you and I thank you for following me and supporting my dreams! There’s a lot more to come 💜

I learned a new slang word from daughter so I don’t quite feel so old anymore! But I like that “she was shook!” Ha ha ha

I got to spend the entire day with my valentine! She loves me unconditionally and especially loves it when I dance with her! That’s why she’s smiling so big.

My momma bought me Chinese for Valentine’s Day and had it waiting at the house for me when I got off work.

I went tanning and not only did I get buy one get one free, but I also got free lotion and some candy.

I’ve had 13 different messages from people telling me how much I’ve helped them, and what a difference I’ve made in their lives.

So overall I would say I had an amazing week even with the implants.

Life is so crazy for me right now but I’m going to be just fine. I’m blessed with the ability to be authentic and it comes with an amazing amount of freedom.

I have no shame and I have no secrets and that makes for a life time of infinite light and love.

My souls needs some fun this weekend and my daughter is with her dad so I’m going to see what I can get myself into.

I hope that you have an amazing weekend surrounded by people you love.

Peace God Bless Namaste

Thanks for reading my

Blog love you

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