The truth behind the yoga craze

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a Holy Yoga class at our church with my daughter.

I was especially excited because she always turns me down when I ask her to do yoga with me, but because she absolutely adores the instructor she decided to come with me.


While I was there I realized that even though I’ve been practicing yoga for the last 5 years many people have never tried it for themselves.

I can honestly tell you that without a doubt I wouldn’t be where I am today with out my mat. If you want to change your life slow down and get to know you.

I think some people might think yoga is the devil but that’s just the devil himself

Trying to keep a hold of you. You brain is playground for the devil that’s why you go to the mat to turn him off.

He will fill your head full of lies so he

Can keep you weak and small, but don’t you dare fall for it.

Yoga is a time for presence

It’s a time for silence

It’s a time for zero judgment

It’s a place of peace

And the ego should not be on your mat with you ever.

It’s a very spiritual, and personal journey into yourself. Yoga can be just about anywhere anytime and for any reason. I’ve seen ganja yoga, holy yoga, hot yoga, beer yoga, beach yoga, chair yoga and so much more.

Please don’t get caught up in the why of yoga and miss the point entirely.

Yoga is for you and for your spirit and your soul. It’s a mind body connection that brings you out of your head and into your heart.

It’s about learning to be still with you instead of avoiding yourself all day every day.

That’s a huge part of what’s wrong with Americans, we don’t know how to be still with ourselves.

We are over worked, and over booked and we think the more we have to do the more important we are, but I’m here to tell you that your wrong.

You’ve been tricked by the ego and the ways of this world, and if you want to spend your whole life on tasks that mean nothing, then that’s your choice.

But if you want to change your life, fight depression and anxiety, learn how to show up for you. Stop blaming other people and take responsibility for your life and your actions.

I’m very picky about who and where I do my yoga, because it’s that sacred to me.

It’s a very special practice that has helped me love myself wholeheartedly and it’s change my entire world. It’s not a fad it’s an entire lifestyle change.

I would encourage you to try yoga on you tube first in the comfort of your own home.

Get familiar with it and then find some

Classes close by and go meet some new yogis.

Yoga is not about a tight ass, it’s

More about getting your head

Out of your ass 💜

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