Girls Night Is A Must With Our Crew & Here’s Why

Last night we had a much needed girl night. I don’t know what you guys like to do to fill your heart but I love to laugh with my soul sisters.

We don’t need anything fancy. Someone’s house that we can take over for the night. A place to order food from, and some music of course.

Throw in a few drinks and we’re going to entertain ourselves all night long. (Or as long as we can stay up at this age…….for real)

My entire life I’ve been in love with people and the relationships I have with those I love. I absolutely love laughing and having fun because life is way to serious most of the time.

We get lost in the doing and we forget that time is passing us by.

We spend way to much time on things that don’t matter and I don’t want to live with a bunch of regret.

I want people to say she knows how to enjoy life. She has a lot of fun and she knows how to love unconditionally and wholeheartedly.

Im learning how to show up for myself and I want to teach our kids how to do the same thing.

It’s balance you know!

It always is 💜

To much of one thing is never good so it’s up to us to create a life that fills us up.

I am beyond blessed with a tribe of faithful loyal ladies. I will make time for those I love every single week because relationships mean that much to me.

We were missing one of our besties last night because her cancer decided to come back. I know that even though she had to miss last night she will be at the next girls night laughing with us.

There’s a huge amount of power that comes from positive thoughts and intentions so if you could all thank the lord for healing her I would be forever grateful to you.

I hope that you have friendships that fill you up, and make you better. I hope your tribe is as loyal as mine and that you experience the bliss that comes with laughing all night long with your crew.

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