Artic Freaking Freeze in Ohio

Meanwhile the Midwest is experiencing absolutely insane crazy cold temperatures.

Like it’s colder here then the North Pole, or Antartica. Where do I live? I don’t think I’m in Ohio anymore Dorothy.

This is insane in the membrane weather. The wind is blowing and I’m waiting on things to start freezing and exploding.

I already don’t do well in the winter but this is like a whole new level of blah. I wish I were in Australia where my friends say they are having record heat waves.

I’d take that all day every day over this insane weather. I don’t complain to much even when everything’s going wrong, but I won’t be quite about the cold.

As a matter of fact I’m sorry for what I said when it was cold 🥶 and I’m sorry for the future things Im going to say.

I wasn’t made for the Artic Tundra, snowcaps and mountains 🏔.

So I’ll be up in the house writing, reading, and working online. I will also be letting you all know how lucky you are to not be here in Siberia with us.

Pray I survive the next 24 hours ha ha ha


I hate winter but I love you 💕

7 thoughts on “Artic Freaking Freeze in Ohio

  1. I live in Missouri and I am freezing my booty off! I hate the cold also! I have the amazing hand warmer though. Maybe, I will do a review on it.
    I plan on writing about colder temps in a blog soon too.

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      1. YES it was -4 when I got into my car this morning!
        I love visiting the beach and my husband and I always talk about how we will someday move there after our son gets older.
        Which beach did you live at?


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