Forget what they told you and find your magic again

To remember who you are you have to forget who they told you to be 💜

Who were you before the world got to you?

What dreams do you still have locked away inside you that you haven’t thought about in years?

It’s taken me quite a few years to find my dreams again. I got so lost taking care of everyone else’s needs that I pushed all of mine to the side.

I served my husband and my kids first and I in turn poured from a very empty cup. I didn’t know how to make myself a priority until recently.

I’m a hair stylist and I have been for 14 years. I paid my own way through Beauty School and I worked while going to school, and I was pregnant and I even finished early.

Those things make me feel good about myself. I did that without anyone’s help. My parents didn’t pay for it, my in-laws didn’t pay for it, the government didn’t pay for it. I did!

I can’t tell you how often I’ve sold myself short over the years when it comes to loving me. But I no longer live in my comfort zone, Instead I’m out here living the unexpected, uncomfortable life.

I don’t know what today will bring let alone next week. But I do know that God has big plans for me. My faithfulness and my loyalty will not go unrewarded by the one true father.

After all his plan is much more important then mine will ever be. Your worthy of so much more then opinions and judgments. You deserve to be put first and cherished like a princess.

There’s a little girl inside of you that wants you to win. She wants you to find your inner badass and start using her. She wants to foster the magic inside your heart and let all of your fears go.

She wants you to quit making yourself small to make other people happy that’s co-dependent as fuck and it’s unhealthy.

You can change anything if your willing to admit that you’re the solution and the problem.

Find that voice inside your heart and let it out.

Find the magic that’s says what if???

Instead of I can’t.

And do it while you still

Have time to enjoy the rewards.

💜 Tay Tay

4 thoughts on “Forget what they told you and find your magic again

  1. Good morning lovely! You are the best kind of inspiration and motivation 😍😍 As women we do tend to get lost putting others before ourselves. It isn’t selfish to put our needs first sometimes its necessary.

    Thank you for this! Have a wonderful blessed day and keep up the writing

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