It’s important to feel the anger without judging it

I don’t know about you, but anger isn’t my favorite emotion. Partly because no one ever taught me about anger. Sure I’ve seen adults and family members get angry over the years, but it wasn’t always pretty.

As soon as I feel angry one of two things is going to occur. I’m either going to flip my lid or I’m going to stuff those angry feelings back inside me.

Those were the only 2 ways that I was taught to deal with anger. As an adult I’ve had to learn the tools to grow emotionally and to change my life.

I’ve had to unlearn lots of shit and relearn new ways to live and to feel. I’m here to teach you a lesson today and anger.

It’s a very healthy emotion when it’s used properly, but when it’s not it can become a very destructive energy.

Instead of flipping my lid (which I will openly admit I still have trouble with, especially during this divorce), or suppressing my feelings I have been able to take anger and make friends with him.

I let it wash over me and then I say to myself “hello anger, what are you here to teach me?”

If you don’t learn to acknowledge your feelings as they come up then you are not processing them.

Guess what happens to unprocessed emotions?????????

They get stuck inside of you forever. Because you won’t feel them, and because you won’t admit that they are there, later on in the week or the day, you will vomit that anger all over someone or something that doesn’t deserve it.

You know exactly what I’m talking about. You find yourself completely irritated by the stupidest thing and then you want to beat yourself up having a short fuse.

But there’s a better way I swear! Learn about you. Learn about your triggers, and learn how to feel everything instead of pushing it away,

It’s a practice that we can all get better at. It’s a lesson on emotional intelligence and it’s a gift that you should pass on to your children.

The next time you feel angry don’t push it away, don’t flip your lid, just pause and feel it wash over your body. Don’t say a word for 90 seconds. Count if you need to but don’t you dare open your mouth until the time has passed.

After 90 seconds have passed ask yourself what you feel now. Your response will be different because you took the time to pause.

The more aware that you become of your own feelings the better you will be at learning to embrace them.

Life sucks sometimes and your supposed to feel angry when it does. Don’t deny yourself the basic emotions that you need to grow.

But don’t allow anger to be your go to emotion. Frustration is for the weak. Anger is for the weak. You don’t want to be weak. You want to be strong and full of love and light.

Emotional Intelligence

Is a choice

💜 Tay Tay



God bless

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