I want you to know that sometimes your comfort causes my pain

You can never leave footprints that last if you are always walking on tiptoe ✌️

I’ve got so much going on right now I’m not sure where to go this morning but my heart is telling me it’s time to get real again.

When people decide to get a divorce it impacts everyone around them. My parents got a divorce and lots of other people that I love have gotten divorced also, so I’m pretty familiar with it.

But what I wasn’t familiar with was all the judgments that would come my way, when I was brave enough to make a change in my life. I could not possibly prepare myself for the weight of other people’s opinions.

It’s such a heavy burden to be where I am right now, but then add on a bunch of distraught peoples judgments about myself and my family and it adds up to be a lot of chaos and drama.

You don’t know the life I’ve lived, unless your a close part of it. You don’t know anything about me unless I’ve chosen to write and share it with you, or your directly in my inner circle.

Everyone else on the outside of this circle

Is just a spectator. You guys have a story you tell yourself about everything and everyone, myself included.

And most of you are completely content with the narration that you’ve created because it makes you comfortable. But I want you to know that your comfort sometimes causes my pain.

We don’t see things as they are we see things as we are and there won’t ever be a more truer statement. I share a lot of videos and articles on shame and blame because It’s important for us to all learn empathy and skip the sympathy.

You don’t know a person because your their Facebook friend. You don’t know a person just because you work with them. You don’t know a person that you spend 5 days a year with. Hell you don’t even know a person because you lived with them for many years. You only know what those people want you to know.

I’m not here to tiptoe around the tough subjects because that’s not why I was given this voice.

I’m not here to make you feel better about anything that’s occurring in my life. This is my heart and my soul and my blood and my tears on the line and God is leading me to where he wants me to be.

If you really want to know the truth then you’d be brave enough to ask the right questions. You’d get educated by understanding both sides. Or you could just keep drinking the Kool Aid, & gossiping mindlessly about something you know nothing about.

If you don’t know the whole story then just keep your mouth shut.


“Your opinion is your opinion and your perception is your perception. Don’t confuse them with facts or with truths”

Be nice to people who are going through

Shit storms you never know when the next storm might hit you.


💜 Tay Tay

Peace Namaste God Bless

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