Company is an option not a necessity

Once you know how to take care of you

Company becomes an option and not a necessity 💜

I’ve spent more time alone in the past few years then I ever have and it was by choice. I had a lot of things I needed to sort out and prioritize.

I realized that I was avoiding myself and that I was on autopilot. I was always doing something but I was never being still with me.

I watched way to much tv and I spent way to much time doing absolutely nothing.

I didn’t feel like I had a purpose and I was kind of bored with everything.

I started reading more which led to a whole new world of writing and coaching. But first I had to get used to being with me.

I wish I could give you a step by step program to follow you so that you could change your life too, but unfortunately that’s not how it works.

It’s baby steps and daily actions that make a difference. I’ve written entire blog series on how to change your life, but reading them won’t change a single thing.

You have to get busy doing the important work of getting out of your own way.

And once you’ve done that you will

Begin to see yourself and your time differently.

You will understand that while you don’t need anyone to keep you company, it sure is nice to have someone around that makes you smile.




Thanks for reading my blog Beautiful Souls

Namaste peace God Bless

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