Monday’s Mantras

I’ve decided to start sending you all some good intentions on Mondays.

I hope this week you get good news.

And that you spend time laughing instead of worrying

I hope someone you like surprises you

And I hope your favorite songs on the radio when you get in the car.

It’s so important to be positive and to be intentional with our thoughts. I’ve decided to make Monday’s for Mantras and positive intentions.

Write them down or save them to your phone but do something that will invite a new energy into your day and your week.

Let go of people and places and even things that steal your time and your joy. Begin to look for the wonders that surround you and be brave enough to get off your phone and meet new people.

Life’s way to short to spend it with people who just don’t get you. I know that it’s human nature to want to try to get someone to like you, but if that’s what your doing, then your hanging out with the wrong people.

I’m over here like you don’t like me?

Then I sure as hell don’t like you.

Thank you next.

Friendships, romance, and so much more apply here. As adults it’s a fucking glorious thing to be able to choose who we spend our time with.

It’s one of my favorite things about life! Like hi! Do you want to hang out?

I think your pretty cool and want to laugh with you.

You make me smile and I like that so let’s talk more.

My friends will tell you if they suggest something, I’ve got my planner out and I’m seeing where I can fit that shit in.

If I don’t write it down and make it happen then it will never happen and I don’t do life where it never happens. No thank you.

I make shit happen and when it’s time for new friends new adventures I’m always ready.

Bye bye comfort zone, hello awkward!

Bring it to me because it’s the only time we grow. May your week be full of love and light and awkward conversations that make you grow.

💜 Tay Tay

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