Update: 8 weeks after my accident

November 16th the day that forever changed my life and my smile. I’m not even close to the same girl that I was in October of last year.

It’s been 8 freaking weeks since I fractured my septum and had to have emergency dental surgery wide awake. I’ve been through hell and back and It’s not quite over yet, but I’m stronger because of it.

It’s not an easy thing that I’ve been going through. And let’s get one thing straight, there’s absolutely no good time ever to lose your front teeth! But it’s really not a good time for me in the midst of living with my mom and starting my entire life over.

You should know that God did prepare me for this battle though. He clearly knew what was coming my way because he always has a plan that’s better then my own.

I wish I could tell you that this has been easy but that would be a straight up lie and I don’t do fake, so I’ll tell you the truth.

There are times during all of this that I’ve wanted to quit and there are times when I’ve never felt stronger.

If I only had to deal with my teeth it would make everything a lot easier, but that’s not how my life goes. I never do anything half ass so when I decide to change, I just bring it all out at once.

I left my house and moved in with my mom on the 15th and the next day I had my accident.

The old me probably would be stuck on the would of could of should of’s of the entire night. And I did ask those questions a few times.

What if I had went and played bar bingo with my mom?

What if I never moved into my moms?

What if? What if? What if?

No thank you to that channel in my brain. That’s a never ending loop of feeling sorry for myself and wasting energy on something that’s far in the past.

I can’t change that shit! This is my life right now, and it’s acceptance that’s getting me through. That and Jesus, family, friends, yoga, jazzercise, music, and meditation, writing, working and laughter. A schedule full of people I love.

It’s been a process to accept the no teeth life, and sometimes I’m way more accepting then others.

It’s not like I’m happy to not have my teeth that’s just dumb, but I am not mad all the time either.

I never thought I’d have to say “hold on let me grab my teeth” and I find it kind of funny 8 weeks later. Something else that’s pretty funny is that I pronounce the word funny punny without my grill in.

So you see my friends I have this to say to you, love yourself through the storms of your life. Don’t let anyone or anything make you bitter and hard. Yes there are times when it hurts and it sucks and you might want to give up, but you just keep showing up for yourself and for your kids. You just keep loving because it’s the only way to heal your hurts.

If my writings been off lately it’s because I’ve been off lately, but I’m so proud of myself for not quitting the blog, or my online business. It would have been easier to walk away, but it’s my saving grace. Writing is my one true love.

Thank you for supporting my dreams

💜 Tay Tay

Peace God Bless Namaste

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