Every day you have 2 choices evolve or repeat

Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs

The future can be better than the present &

I have the power to make it so

When it comes to life you have to be willing to take some risks if you want to change anything.

The first change I made to my life several years ago was that I quit watching tv. I know it sounds absurd but I traded in my screen time for books and by doing so I learned a shit ton about myself.

After reading and learning so much about myself, I started writing and it turns out that I absolutely love it and that God has given me gift that I never even knew that I had.

Life is a huge blessing and sometimes we forget that simple lesson. We spend way to much time avoiding ourselves and avoiding real connection simply because that’s what we’ve been taught.

But I’m here to teach you a different lesson. I think life’s all about the love and not about the accomplishments.

I think it’s about learning how to connect and to love and to share your light with those who need it.

I think life’s about being real and being vulnerable and it’s about showing up for yourself in the name of love every single day.

I think life is as magical as you make it or as negative as you want it to be.

I am in the middle of some of the messiest times of my entire life. Living with my mom right now, toothless after my accident and patiently waiting my septum to heal so I can proceed with my dental implants.

My life is up in the air and I have every reason in the world to want to give up and to quit, but that’s not who I am.

It’s times like these that either make or break people and I’m the kind of girl that’s made from the storm.

In the middle of the mess I still find reasons to be thankful and excited. God was preparing me for these current situations a few years ago. Had I not listened to him I would still be stuck in the exact same place with absolutely nothing changing.

But because I took the time to look inside my heart and decide what I wanted to keep and what I wanted to let go of, I’ve been blessed even in the mess.

I know one day I will look back at these times and I will laugh and makes jokes about my

Accident, but until then I’ll rock this toothless smile.

I won’t become hung up on the why of the accident because I might not ever have the answer to that question.

Or 5 years from now I could look back and be like so that’s why it happened. Either way I’m ok with the muck in the middle because I know that’s where the magic is. Acceptance at some levels are much easier then others.

If you feel stuck in your life go look in the mirror and ask yourself why your holding yourself back.

Sometimes in life you need help to change, and other times you might need to help someone else change.

You worthy of an amazing life full of love so stop selling yourself short and start living awake today.

Thanks for supporting my blog I appreciate you

God Bless


Peace ✌️

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