Acceptance is the key to confidence

If you can learn to accept yourself just as you are then you can have confidence in others without the fear of being taken advantage of.

Acceptance is truly an amazing gift that you all must learn if you haven’t already. It means giving up the ideas in our mind.

It means letting go of expectations on how others should act or be. It means learning that most of the things that happen in our lives has nothing at all to do with us and everything in the world to do with the people we are connecting with.

We as humans often struggle with acceptance because we weren’t taught how to accept this life, we were taught how to escape it.

I’m a complicated girl with a heart bigger then Texas, and I accept this about myself. I am faithful and fun and loyal to my tribe, and I accept these things about myself.

I cuss and I love Jesus and I accept these things about myself. I’ve also been hurt in my lifetime and it’s caused some parts of my heart to change and I accept this.

We truly have to guard our hearts because everything we do flows from it. But you can’t put a shield around it, because you will stop the natural flow of energy that pours from it.

Accept that life is amazing and then it sucks and then it’s freaking amazing again, and it’s up to you to find your own happy in the middle

Of the muck.

Accept that hurt people hurt people, and healed people heal people and this is the way it goes.

If we never take the time to heal our hurts

We will indubitably bleed all over the ones that didn’t hurt us.

It takes no courage to do the same thing you’ve always done. In fact if you continue on that path you will receive what you’ve always received in life.

It’s the law of attraction and it’s the way the world works. If you think your unworthy of love and your not good enough, then you will always attract those kind of people into your life.

If you know what you bring to the table then you will never be afraid to eat alone.

I hope that you take time today to accept yourself no matter where you are in your life.

I want you to understand that you can have anything that your brave enough to ask for and your worthy of every last bit of it.

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