Fear or Courage?

Fear is reaction

Courage is a decision

Which one rules your life?

Fear or courage?

It’s hard to tell sometimes which one is calling the shots. Fear is our immediate response to life.

It’s what you do without thinking, or without practicing the pause.

It’s what comes out of your mouth to keep

You safe. It takes zero brain cells because it’s your go to, and it’s all a part of how you end up sleep walking through your most of your life.

It takes courage to look inside yourself and to reclaim your authentic spirit. It takes practice and lots of time to learn new ways to live life instead of avoid life constantly on the go.

If you want to truly love and feel and appreciate your life then you must be willing to learn to do things differently. Some people are ok with this life of being over worked and under loved, but I am not.

I won’t wait until I’m on my death bed to talk about all of my regrets. Instead I’ll be courageous enough to show up for myself every single day.

Like hey yesterday I really sucked at a lot of things, but today’s a new day and I’ve got another chance to get it right, and for that I’m

Super thankful.

Don’t judge yourself, and if you find yourself beating yourself up, just heckle your damn self and move on with your day.

What ever feelings you stop from coming in, you also stop from giving out. You can’t play games and be real. You can’t have fear and faith. You can however be afraid, and still go through with whatever it is that needs to be done.

You can be like I’m super afraid to ask this question, but I’m asking that shit anyways.


You could just be like I’m afraid to ask this question, so I’ll just mull it over all day in my head, blow it way out of proportion, waste way to much energy on it, obsess over it some more, call my friend and share my fears with her, and then guess what?????

I don’t even ask the question but I spent the entire day worried about it, in a constant state of anxiety.

This my friends is how you know your minds running the show and your letting it.

These are the fears that control you, but there are simple ways you can overcome them. You can live a courageous life even if it’s scary, but you still have to be brave.

I will spend time loving and laughing and having amazing conversation because those are the things that make my soul sing. They are the very things that make my life so freaking amazing.

Everyone we meet is a lover or a lesson.

If you hang out with people who play games, you will find yourself playing games with them.

If you hang out with people who have a love for life and want to see what your heart looks like, then you will find yourself becoming more conscious and more vulnerable to the life that you are living.

You are what you do, not what you say.

You are like those you spend the most time with.

We all have the same amount of hours in a day.

The present moment is all that we ever have. Learn to live in the now and you shall learn Presence.

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