Wonder why you always attract the same kind of relationships in your life???????

Loving someone does not make you weak

But staying with someone who doesn’t love you does make you weak.

If you don’t know your worth how do

You expect anyone else to know your worth?

Ladies let’s get real with each other and have a little #TruthsWithTayTay

Single, married, in a relationship it’s always about us and this is not the time to blame the men that we choose time and time again.

You can spend your entire life in denial and never ever really experience true love or you can stop being defensive and learn to look inside yourself.

You attract a certain kind of man for a reason. It takes way more courage to look back at your past relationships and see where they went wrong then it does to jump from man to man and never learn a thing from any of them.

If you want to be a woman that’s real then learn how and why you tolerate the things that you tolerate. From the very beginning of a relationship there are numerous times that things might seem off, and your gut tells you so.

But then in comes your mind and it will reason every single gut feeling away, all because that’s what your brain does! But you don’t have to listen to your brain! You have to learn to leave your mind out of it.

If you can learn to take messages from your gut and your heart then life’s going to become a whole lot more fun and exciting.

Learning about yourself isn’t always the funnest thing to do, but your going to spend the rest of your life with you, so why not get started today?!?!?!?!

Men and women will always have a lot more fun when they do life together, that’s why God made us different. But it’s time to start attracting a different kind of romance into your life.

After 20 years with the same guy I’ve most certainly learned a shit ton about myself and guys in general.

I understand lots of things about why I attracted him in the first place and Even though I’d love to blame him for everything I’m just not that person.

Blame is for the weak and I’m not down with being weak, except for very short periods of time in which I’m aloud to be and then I slap on my warrior cape and get back to business.

If you want something different then you need to heal your shit, and you need get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

You are a beautiful unique goddess of love and light and the only thing that really

Holds you back from being you are the fears in your mind and the troubles in your heart.

I promise you that all of the answers to all of your problems are already inside of you, and when your ready to truly love yourself then you will change and your going to need help! You can’t do these things all on your own.

I believe your brave enough to choose yourself and I know that one day you will

💜 Tay Tay

P.s. I might need your advice when it comes to dating. The last time I dated it was 1999 and I contacted the guy via 📟 pager. Times have really changed since then. But in the meantime it’s kind of fun to have excitement in the middle of the shit storm.

Thank you for reading my blog I appreciate each and every one of you


God Bless


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