I fully embrace the excitement that comes along with being in love with myself

Ladies and gentlemen if you want a real relationship learn how to have an honest


If you want a relationship exactly like your last one then just keep on doing things the way you’ve always done them.

I’m an awakened wild woman and I require a

Different level of real in my life. Once

You become conscious there’s no going

Back to sleep. This goes for all of my relationships, male and female.

Sure there are times during my consciousness that I’m lulled back into a trance but that’s just the way that we were made. Learning to change means letting

Go of the everything you think and learning that you are not your thoughts.

Some people are perfectly content

Without ever having real conversations

About themselves.

I’d much rather spend the afternoon talking

About our own shortcomings and our happy

Spots, then gossiping mindlessly about those that don’t matter.

Want to change the type of

Person you attract?

Then change the boundaries that you have for

New and old relationships.

Know what your worth and don’t waste your

Time or anyone else’s by playing games with each other’s hearts.

You know if someone’s into you,

And if you have to even question it then no they aren’t really that into you. It’s

Better to deal with the truth now then later,

But either way denial is not your friend! (I have a PH. D in denial where my ex is concerned, it’s ok you can overcome this with the proper health)

You are a mystical,

Magical soul and your standards will set the tone for those that try to enter

Your heart.

Some people are your forever people

And some some people are your for a minute people and some people are still to be met and determined people.

But ultimately you decide who comes

And who goes and I think you should embrace

The excitement that comes with being in love with yourself.

Conversation is the best form of intimacy around. If you want more real then learn how to use your words, in a healthy way. If I were having a conversation with someone new I’d

I’d probably ask questions like….

Do you meditate?

How do you feel about nature?

Do you do yoga?

What’s your emotional IQ?

Do you like the sunshine?

And those would be just a few

To get me started.

These questions would immediately help me

Understand if we’re on the same

Spiritual level. If we’re not it’s ok release these beautiful souls into their next life’s mission, and you can get in with your greatness.

Everyone isn’t your people 💜 understand this and know that it’s perfectly normal. We should learn to spend less time trying to fit in and more time doing things that make us unique and create more love in the world.

You decide who comes and who

Goes in your life. When you understand that no matter what love is the answer, life becomes a lot more rewarding.

Love them

Let them


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