My mission is to have a beautiful heart 💜 no matter how many times it’s been broken

Last year I went through so much and I’m still here. At least in the physical sense and sometimes in the emotional sense.

I wish I could tell you that everyday is a good day but that’s not how it works.


Not even close to that.

Somedays are freaking amazing and I feel

Happy and hopeful and full of love.

Then there are other days when I feel

Like the middle of the storm sucks the most.

I picked this path because I wanted the change,

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

And getting my teeth knocked out in the accident has added a whole new level

Of trauma and financial burden.

I get messages every day from you guys telling me how much you relate to me,

And how strong you think I am. But there are days when I’m weak and I’m human just like you.

Somedays I feel sorry for myself. I get mad

And I get angry and I feel like I’m the victim

Of it all and I just want it to go away. But it’s not going away, every single day when I wake up I’m like here we go again, no teeth Tay Tay.

Unless you’ve personally lost your 2

Front teeth and had to walk around without them, then you really can’t understand the courage that it takes to be me.

I want you to know as we begin a new year,

That anything is possible if your willing to do the work. Yes life sucks sometimes

And you’ll want to do everything possible

To fast forward past the pain and the uncertainty, but that’s not how it works.

Just meet yourself in the middle of the muck and understand that this is where

The storm is the messiest but this is where you will grow.

Who and where you spend your time matters a lot.

You can’t change a thing if your stuck around people who’s mindset is fixed. You need a group of open minded people who can help you live in your heart.

Don’t beat yourself up for feeling bad! Feelings are temporary and they change all

The time, thank the Lord for that. Don’t wish away the yucky ones, because if you don’t let

The love out then it can’t get in.

Learn to forgive yourself and to let

Go. Learn the present moment is the only moment that truly matters. We waste

Way too much time in the past and the

Future and we miss out on the now.

You deserve to be happy

To be adored

To be celebrated

You deserve the love

You give so freely

Don’t waste time



Convince or change people

There’s a whole

Tribe waiting to


You exactly the way you are


Thank you for supporting my blog and my dreams I am blessed by my readers every single day 💜

Bear with me as I continue on with my

Life transitions into inner happiness

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