This year I was brave enough to let go

It takes zero effort to stay the same. Congratulations to you if a life of sameness is what you require, but that’s not nearly enough expanding for my soul.

I repeatedly get asked the same question over and over again and it’s how did I change my life?

And I always answer the same way, I changed my life by changing by daily habits.

If you change nothing then nothing will change. It sounds so cliche but we humans get stuck in our minds and then we can’t ever escape them.

We literally become stuck in the muck and never move beyond it. We spend way to much time avoiding ourselves instead of getting to know ourselves.

You want to change your life, then you better get used to looking inside your heart for answers.

You better get real with you and lay all that blame and all of those excuses to the side, because blame will keep you small, and it will make you the victim of life every single day.

I don’t have some super human magic powers and I sure as hell don’t even have next month figured out, but I’m still moving forward.

I don’t understand why I had to have a crazy accident in the middle of a divorce, but it still happened. I don’t waste a shit ton of energy on that thought either because one day it will all be revealed to me.

One day I’ll look back on this Christmas and I’ll laugh and I’ll be so happy that it’s a distant memory, but this year I just take it one hour at a time.

My family is changing and my life is changing and this is actually a good thing. When it comes to life we only get one chance at doing it right, and it’s the idea in our heads that keep us small.

But you weren’t made to live a small life. You were made to be loved and cherished and you were made to have fun. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone, when your able to show up for yourself, you won’t tolerate anyone who doesn’t celebrate you. You won’t allow anyone in your inner circle that doesn’t scream your freaking amazing.

When you understand how freaking fabulous you are you won’t ever give your power away again.

When your brave enough to say good bye you will always rewarded with new hellos. The universe will always deliver exactly what you need to learn but it’s up to you to do the work that’s been given to you.

Be brave

Be bold

Love harder

Use your voice

And learn to love yourself

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