People think that intimacy is about sex, but intimacy is about the truth

People think that intimacy is about sex, but intimacy is about the truth. It’s about being real and honest and saying all the things that scare you.

It’s about showing up and being seen. It’s about being real and sharing your fears and your dreams and all of the parts that are in between.

I think at different ages and at different times in our lives we all need different things. My 20’s were sure not about giving back to the world, but rather about having the time of my life, and not being able to remember a lot of it.

No regrets friends ever! I’ve loved all the years that I’ve been alive, even the ones that hurt like hell or brought immense sadness to my life. Because as much as we want to skip the bad times, we can’t, because the times that hurt are actually when we grow the most.

I sure as hell don’t ever want to be 20 again, but I will take the parts of my 20 year old self that I love and I will bring them back alive this year. She was cocky and confident and sexy as hell. She didn’t need anyone to take care of her because she knew how to support her child and herself.

I could really care less about where you work or how much money you make. I don’t care if your fancy or if your a farmer, but I do care what your heart looks like.

Is your heart pretty?


Is it ugly?

I treat all people the exact same because on the inside we all are the same.

(Disclaimer: there are many people that I have cut out of my life and those people do not deserve admittance to my heart. These are known as boundaries and all healthy relationships have them. Boundaries are for you and not for other people. If you love yourself you will learn to have these and you will create and even better energy because you won’t allow anyone else to tell you how your aloud to feel)

Want to know what’s really hard when it comes to life?

It’s learning that you are responsible for most of the hurt and disappointment that continues to rule your life. It’s hard to admit that wherever you are it’s because of the choices you’ve made.

People spend so much time avoiding themselves that they aren’t even sure what real intimacy is and so then they spend years of their lives self sabotaging love and then blame others for their own fears, when in fact their subconscious is so afraid of getting hurt they risk never loving again to keep themselves safe.

Intimacy is so much more then sex and it’s what grown ass women want. It’s what grown ass men want too, but the little girls and the little boys will always play the same games.

There are plenty of people in the world. Like billions 💜 don’t settle for an ok life when you deserve to feel alive just by being you.

To my single friends in relationships I love you and I hope you learn some boundaries when it comes to love and what’s grown up and what’s not. I hope that you choose yourself over anyone because that’s what your kids need to learn from you.

To my single friends who are scared to date, May you learn to stop being afraid. May you allow yourself a chance to have fun and to flirt and to smile on the inside again. May you be brave enough to just live in the moment.

To my married friends may you push your spouses to open up and be real instead of avoiding any real connection that requires a little work. May this be the year that you bring intimacy into your marriage and spice up all the areas of your life.

To the new people I’m going to meet in my life, you better go back and read my blogs and see what your getting into. If your a part of my life and you touch my heart in anyway then chances are I’m going to write about you, and take pictures with you and yes you might end up in a blog or 10.

If this doesn’t interest you then get to stepping. I won’t change my life for friendships, because if you can just be yourself the right people will already be surrounding you.

My friends laugh and say you have more pictures of me on your Facebook then I do. And I’m like you got that right 💜

I’m the artist who heals from writing.

I’m the lover who lets go and starts fresh.

I’m the girl who always takes the pictures and when we look back you’ll be glad I did.

I’m the mom who loves unconditionally and without restrictions.

I’m the entrepreneur that doesn’t think small because that’s not where the magic happens.

I’m the girl who wears her heart on her sleeve, who heals her heart by sharing all of my feelings

The Good The Bad & The Ugly

Learn to be intimate by not being afraid

💜 Tay Tay

God Bless Namaste Peace

Thanks for reading my

Blog and supporting my dreams

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