If you look at these pictures you might understand why losing my teeth is losing so much more then being pretty

And I could seriously go on

For days with 100 more pictures exactly like this.

I love to talk

I love my family and my friends

And I love to have fun

Beauty comes from the inside

From my heart

And never from my face

I’m looking forward to

Hundreds more silly pictures

Because it’s who I am

I’ll sacrifice the dinners out for another 5 months at least

But I refuse to lose my spirit

Because it’s what makes me Tay Tay

I struggle some days but I also learn

About myself in the middle of

The storm

Be you and the right people will love you

My daughters taking after me

My grand baby too

My nieces too (yes she’s my franily)

And this niece

I’m a teacher and

I teach how to be real and how to be you because your one of a kind so don’t even try to fit in

In the end I’m still smiling

Through the storm

Because I my dear was made from the storm

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