How I learned to walk through the storm

2018 is the year I said good bye to anything that no longer serves my authentic self.

That means letting go of the people in my life that conspire to keep me small.

Letting go of anyone that doesn’t understand my worth and doesn’t see my heart the same way I see my heart.

No more arguing or exposing myself to those who are committed to misunderstanding me. No more blaming others for the life I’m


No more wasted energy on friends that don’t deserve my presence.

No more living a small life to make other people happy.

No more pretending to be something that I’m not. No more living a life that doesn’t align with my soul and my spirit.

No more living in the dark because I’m destined to walk in the light.

To more biting my tongue, and no more fighting for time and attention, because I finally learned my worth.

No more teeth means no more outward beauty, and that in itself has been the lesson of a lifetime.

Life is a beautiful gift if your willing to open up your heart and release the things that don’t fill you up.

I could totally feel sorry for myself because of my accident and at times I most certainly did. I could have become the victim of my life and let the bitterness take over.

I could have quit.

I could have given up.

I could have said I can’t do this.

I could have allowed this lesson to break me instead of using it to help make me.

Looking back over the last 3 years I see that God was preparing me for these very storms. And as much as we would all like to avoid them, I’m afraid friends that you have to learn to walk right through those bitches.

In the middle is where it’s messy, but it’s also where the magic lies.

I can’t live a brave life if I’m not willing to step up and speak truth to bullshit.

I cannot become who I’m supposed to be by staying somewhere that I’m not loved unconditionally, and I can’t teach my children what life’s really about if I don’t take responsibility for changing it.

There are times in life that you have to be stronger then you ever thought you could be. You have to learn to create boundaries. You have to figure out what your purpose is here and then you have to be brave enough to start over.

It doesn’t matter what other people think because your the one who’s living it. You are the one that created the life your living and you are 100% responsible for the way you feel, and for the people that surround you.

Every single day I have a choice and so do you. You can either continue on the path that’s easy, but that steals your joy. Or you can woman/man up and start making the changes that you need to make to live with more authenticity.

You cannot choose love and choose fear at the same time. Every single day your either walking towards love or your walking away from it.

With every single choice you make you are being tested. Remain small and afraid, or create a new beginning.

We only have this one life and mines got to at least be half over. I wasn’t put on this earth to fit in. I was put here to use my voice in a way that will make the world better.

As life threatens to steal my happy and my joy, I laugh at it knowing that a woman like me is made from the very storms that she walks through.

Life’s not easy and it’s never fair but if your bold enough to change it, you will be rewarded over and over again.

2018 taught me more about myself then any other year yet, and I’m doing it in front of the world so that you might understand your worth it.

💜 Tay Tay

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