Getting real with pain you avoid daily

I believe everyone has a God-size hole inside of them that we try to fill with shopping or with a relationship or food or drugs or alcohol or work.

But it’s not out there.

It’s in here.

It’s an internal connection.

And that’s what a spiritual practice, listening to your intuition, having a creative expression, being of service is all about.

That is how you sustainably fill up your God-size hole.

Otherwise it’s like a drop that’s disconnected from the ocean.

You just wither and die.

Mastin Kipp

Every single thing your looking for already exists inside of you, but it’s easier to have a temporary high from the things that make us forget what we’re feeling, then it is to be still and work through the uncomfortable feelings that exist inside of us.

Learning to be with yourself isn’t the easier thing to do, because most of your life you’ve been searching outside of yourself.

It’s much easier to something else then it is to be still with yourself.

It’s what we’ve been taught our entire lives and it’s exactly what most of the world does.

Learning to listen to your intuition is the healthiest form of self love around. And if your going to become intuitive then you have to let go of all the other things that make you want to forget what your feeling.

How easy it would be to constantly avoid myself during these times of uncertainty, and some days I do. But other days I sit with it.

I get real my heart and I understand that those are the temporary things that will never leave me feeling full except for a moment.

This year I’ve changed my entire life and there’s no going back to the girl I once knew.



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