Everyone wants to be your sun, but not me………

Everyone wants to be your sun but not me I want to be your moon so I can light up your darkest moments when your sun isn’t around

I’m not the kind of woman who will run away from you when your life gets dark and messy. I’m the kind of friend who will stand beside you no matter what’s going on in your life.

My friends and I have had a shit ton of reasons to quit this year, but not one of us did that. As a matter of fact when I look around at all we’ve been through I’m kind of in awe at how bad ass my tribe really is.

There’s not a single one of us who hasn’t gone through the darkness this year, and it’s far from over. But this year has honestly taught me the most about what’s truly important in life.

It’s not how we do life that really matters, but it’s who we do our lives with that count the most.

Anyone can be your friend when your life’s all rainbows and butterflies, but when life gets messy you’ll find out real fast who’s going to help you get through it and who’s going to leave you alone in the dark.

You won’t even have to question the loyalty of those who sit with you in the dark. Your friends will show up for you every single day and they won’t shy always from the sadness of whatever your going through.

They won’t leave you questioning yourself because they love you to much to let that happen.

It’s not easy to see those you love going through things that you can’t fix.

It’s hard to watch people in so much pain and not feel helpless.

It’s impossible to understand certain things unless you’ve already been through them, but your presence will mean more to them then anything else you could ever give them.

Don’t minimize anything that they are going through, learn how to get uncomfortable in the middle of the mess.

Don’t wish always their hurt away because that’s not what they need. They also don’t need your pity because that will only make them feel worse.

Instead learn how to just sit there with them. Sometimes you might talk and cry until there are no more tears left, and other times you might just need to be quiet and to not say a single word.

Some days they might need to have a little fun, if only for a moment so that they might forget for just a second what they are going through.

Life is an amazing gift my friends but there are times when your going to want to quit. There are times when your going to question the lord and wonder what the heck he’s doing to you and to your friends.

Your going to want to fast forward through the hard times so that you can be free from any pain, but you can’t do this.

You can’t just skip the chapters that are dark because inside every painful experience there are a million lessons on love, and letting go.

I’ve learned how to be still with my fears and I’ve also learned a lot about the darkness this year. I’ve learned when to show up and when to shut up.

I’ve learned how to love harder and to never give up on myself. I’ve learned what it feels like to be afraid, but to still let go.

I’ve sat with my friends during their pain, and now they all surround me during mine.

I want you to know that even when it’s dark there’s a lot of good that comes from these times. But you have to be willing to let the light in. You have to learn to trust that Gods plans are always better then yours.

I’m surrounded by bad ass warriors and goddesses of love. I’m protected by my family and they always show me how much they care. I’ve even been able to create new friendships that have given me hope in the middle of the madness.

Life’s not easy friend, but if you can be the moon for someone’s darkest days, you will totally be rewarded with love and with light.

Don’t wish away the darkness ever because the most beautiful things are planted during these times.

And you my friends are worthy of the moon every single day.

💜 Tay Tay

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