How to do your thing and to do it unapologetically

Do your thing

Do it unapologetically

Don’t be discouraged by criticism

You probably already know what they’re going to say

Pay no mind to the fear of failure

It’s far more valuable than success

Take ownership

Take chances and have fun

And no matter what never stop doing your thing💜

The older I get the more I love myself and my life

I love my bold my bossy my all together sassy

I love my bravery my dirty mouth and my heart that never stops loving again and again

I love my ability to let go and to start over

I love my voice and that I can speak truth to bullshit

I love my vulnerability and I love relationships and people

I love that I spend time with those I love and I love that nothing in this world has ever been able to break me

I love that I’m a healer and an empath

I love that I’ve been a mom more of my life then I haven’t

I love that even when I feel afraid I can still do really amazing shit

I love that I’m a writer and a lover and teacher and a student

I love that I’m about to have a whole lot of firsts again

I love that I know who to love without conditions

I love my ability to give even when I’m down

I love that I practice gratitude and meditation and prayer

I love that I can feel alive no matter how unpredictable life gets

I love my family wholeheartedly and my friends exactly the same

I love that I learned to fall in love with myself and

I’m going to love falling in love with someone else again

I love that I’m strong enough to live life on Gods terms and not the way the world wants me to

I love that I’m faithful, loyal, kind and yes even


I love that I cuss and that I love Jesus

I love that I can show up and be real

I love my authentic

I love my blog

I love my businesses and I love all the excitement that’s coming my way

And I hope that you can learn to love yourself too 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

All of yourself

Even the messy

Even the parts you want to hide

Because those my friends are here to teach you a lesson


Your thing

💜 Tay Tay

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