We can’t live a deep meaningful life if we surround ourselves with small minded people

I found this last night while scrolling through Facebook and I fell in love with it.

As we all know that hurt people hurt people but what an amazing spin on the healing part.

It was like an a ha moment to realize that along with the hurt can come the healing.

Healed people help other people heal. It’s my most favorite part of the entire journey. Helping those I love grow into amazing compassionate healers themselves.

When your brave enough to open your heart and to let the light shine in, other people will be able to learn how to do the same.

Not only do I continue to grow and to change and to heal my heart but I see those I love on a journey to become better.

When we learn that we’re not the victims of our lives and we learn to validate our feelings we automatically shine a different light and it lets other lost souls find their ways to us.

We can’t live a deep meaningful life if we surround ourselves with small minded people. We can’t learn a new way to love if we’re not willing to admit what scares us about love.

As I continue to write and to share my entire life with you, my friends learn how to shine differently as well.

When you can be brave enough to open your heart and get real with yourself, your heart will begin to heal in the most miraculous ways.

I love my healing and I love my hurt because without it all I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am today.

There’s are many times in our lives when it’s time to share our love with others, because it’s the only thing that heals the world.

May you be brave enough to show up for yourself and by doing so may you learn to love yourself and the world in an entirely new light.

💜 Tay Tay





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