Think like a Queen

There once was a girl who wanted more.

She didn’t know what she wanted more of, she just knew that she wasn’t living her life to its fullest potential.

She never tried to fit in, because that’s not a part of who she is. She was unique and kind, fierce, bold, brave and afraid all at once.

She had a longing in her heart to help others and she knew that she needed to push herself out of her comfort zone.

She didn’t know where it was all headed, she didn’t know how it would end, so she just threw herself out there.

She started a new business from home, which opened up many other doors for her. She took the business plan seriously and did exactly what they said to do. She was afraid every step of the way, but she didn’t allow her fears to stop her.

She felt the fears, and then she moved past them. You see her dreams and her desires were bigger than her fears, so she focused on what she wanted,instead of what she didn’t want.

Because she was brave enough to take a chance on herself, one road led to another. After her business came a blog, and after her blog came Tay Tays Fresh Faces, and after that came Tay Tay Inspires.

And even though she has no clue what’s going to come next, she knows that it’s all going to be amazing. She realized the power she had locked away inside her and she began to use it.

She’s still afraid sometimes and she still has doubts just like you, but they don’t stop her💜

She’s learn that great things come at the end of her comfort zone and nothing will change if you change nothing!

When your ready to be the change you want in your life, I would

Love to help you




God bless

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