My gut tells the truth every time and so does yours

Today I might say something’s that you don’t want to hear. I’m going to force you to examine yourself and learn why things keep going the same way they’ve always gone.

You can’t keep blaming other people for your own shortcomings. You can’t change the things that you want to change unless your willing to look inside yourself.

Every single action and thought is your responsibility, and have gotten you exactly where you are today. If your completely happy with your life and your relationships and your job then this articles not for you.

But if you always seem to pick the same kind of guy, or the same kind of job that makes you unhappy then it’s time to get real with your part in it.

If you keep repeating any mistakes over and over, you have to realize that your the common denominator in each puzzle.

It all begins and ends with you friends, and self reflection is the only way to bring any kind of change into your life.

Blame won’t work

Shame won’t work

Denial won’t work

Victim Mode won’t work

You are responsible for you and if you want to change the unhealthy patterns you need to get used to looking inside yourself for the answers.

There’s been a million times in my life when I felt a strong negative energy in the pit of my stomach, but then I managed to talk myself out of it by reasoning with myself in my brain.

That’s where it all goes wrong.

Your gut says hey girl hey, something just doesn’t feel right about this guy. But then your brains starts to take over and you move out of your gut and into your excuse mode.

You begin to reason away the warning signal that you’ve just received because that’s what fear does to you.

Your brain is full of shit and there’s no denying that. It makes a lot of excuses and it will lie to you quite often, simply because that’s it’s job.

But your gut is where the truth always lies. Your gut is your compass into the truth.

It’s the only way that you will ever be able to change a single thing. If you can learn to to listen to your body then you can create a new life.

I can’t tell you how many times I made excuses for someone simply because I refused to listen to my body. My gut says oh hell no, but within minutes my brain starts making excuses.

Fears a liar remember that!

I’m at a point in my life where my intuition and my gut are stronger then they’ve ever been.

But only because I got real with me!

As soon as I feel that feeling in my belly I’m on high alert. At this point I have 2 choices. I can listen to what ever message it’s trying to bring me, or I can ignore the gut feeling and I can begin to make a million excuses.

But I can’t do both.

If you can’t seem to make things different in your life it’s because you allow your mind to call all the shots.

You don’t how to tune into your intuition and you’ve trained yourself to live your fears instead of your reality.

If you want to change any unhealthy pattern in your life then you better learn to get real with you and your gut.

Stop being afraid

Stop making excuses

Stop repeating the same mistakes over and over and over again

Makes you head bow down to your heart 💜 and create your own happily ever after

Baby your worth it

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