I didn’t know it was her last time 

Parents you need to stop what your doing and listen to me. 

You see that picture up there? 

That’s my daughter last year and that’s my grand daughter that’s she holding. That has our annual trick or treat bash that we have at my sisters every year, before we head out with the kiddos.

Peyton was 11 here and in 6th grade. This year clearly all that’s been bumped up a number. She actually had a birthday in November and will be turning 13. 

Looking at this picture it just seems like a regular Halloween night, but what ya dont know is that this picture right here is evidence of the very last time that she would be trick or treating. 

This year she abruptly and non chalantly announced 2 days before trick or treat she was passing out candy with a friend. 

My mind went like 29 different directions feeling all sorts of different things. 

Like fire ring the alarm 🚨 what’s going on? 

Offended like 🙅um no sister girlfriend who do you think you are? 

Sad like aww 😟my baby

Confused 🤷‍♀️ like why am I just now hearing about this? 

Hurt 😱 like oh no she doesn’t want want hang out with us 

And I seriously could name 5 more emotions and name them in detail, but I won’t bore you with the complexity of my emotions! Ha Ha 😆

I will tell you this though for certain, your never quite sure when something is the last time. I know it’s hard to learn Presence and be in the moment, but it’s the very gift we need to give ourselves and our kids.
That’s my son and he’s 25 so I’ve kind of been through this and  I’ve kind of not. Boys and girls are completely different, but uniquely amazing. 

My husband says who knows maybe she will go next year. The sentimental me says this is it. 

The next time you find yourself complaining about something you have to with your kids, remember that it just might be the last time.

The yin to the yang of this is that while it’s the ending of a season for one girl, it’s the beginning of a new season for another girl. 

My daughters ending, leads right into my granddaughters beginning. Gods timing is always perfect.
I love hard #empath

“Don’t be afraid to catch feels”

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