I got your back baby girl 💜

This memory of P and I makes my heart happy

She likes to talk as much as me and since I can’t do that very well right now I love to see our smiles 💜

What a difference 2 years makes my friends

I am in a different universe right now then I was there

It’s overwhelming at times to think of all that needs to be done before the end of the year and how and when I’m going to keep up

We’ve got a concert next week to go to and I hope no one runs into my mouth 💜 but we planned it months ago and my daughters so freaking excited I would never let her down by not going

I’ve got to get my teeth fixed in December

Court in December

I’ve also got Christmas in December

In the mean time I need to work so I can pay for all of these things

I need to heal my mouth and my heart and my body while trying to do all of these things on my own

I can’t say I feel alone because I feel the love and the safety that comes from my mom and my family and my friends and my God

But I can tell you that it’s a lot at once

I can tell you that even with faith I find myself tired and exhausted from all that’s going on

I don’t know how I will fit it all in and manage to enjoy it at the same time but I know that somehow someway it will all work out

Yes I’m being tested on every possible level in my life but my first priority will always be Peyton and her needs 💜

Somedays she worries about me and somedays she’s my biggest fan

And somedays she’s a normal teenage girl who only cares about herself as it should be

I try to bring stability to an uncomfortable time

I try to bring balance to a chaotic life

She needs to know that I’ve got her back even in the midst of the mess

My daughter will be stronger from all that we’re going through and so will I

Please pray for us and send us your vibes as we continue on through the Holidays 🎄


Going to be different

& this is good

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