You can’t hurt me anymore because I don’t love you

For a really long time I couldn’t even look at you

Because you hurt me that bad

But today it felt amazing to stare you right in the eyes and to never look away

In fact today it was you who couldn’t look at me

It was you who couldn’t make eye contact again and I loved every minute of it

Were you surprised I could do it?

Did you think I’d be afraid of you forever?

You better get used to it because I’m reclaiming my power one day at a time

And while somedays I’m completely and mentally exhausted

Other days I’m victorious and full of light

You see I know what I brought to the table

I know the kind of person I am and it’s not the person you’ve been trying to convince me I am

Your voice still haunts my mind but one day it won’t be there anymore

“Tavia, wouldn’t it be nice if your were half the person you pretend to be when your writing your blog”

That’s the one line that I really need to let go of

That’s the one that haunts me

I know I’m more then half the person I claim to be because I’m authentic and I’m me


That’s way more then you’ll ever know how to be

Lots of people in our town think they know you and think they know me

When it’s all over I guess they will see

I am a warrior

A survivor

And I will walk through this fire and shine even brighter

Get ready because I know the plans God has for me

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