Waking Up Surrounded by Unconditional Love On Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving

Beautiful souls 🦃

I’m so lucky to be waking up in a bed next to someone who loves me unconditionally

(By sweet little doggie)

This is going to be a different year for me then the last 20 years and I welcome it wholeheartedly.

No arguing this year which makes me happy.

No traveling 🧭 yeah

No going out to dinner ever again for Thanksgiving

No judgment today

No drama

No alcohol

No cigarettes (I quit)

Just sweet sweet love

My mouths getting better but it still hurts a ton and it’s not very pretty (the smell

Is actually awful).

But now that I’ve had this accident I don’t have to deal with random guys sending me messages, trying to hook up with me so that’s a plus.

Different is good friends after you’ve been unloved and disrespected for such a long time.

I can smell the food my mommas cooking and I haven’t even opened my bedroom door yet.

It’s going to be hard to eat but at least we have lots of food.

I won’t be in any pictures and I might not even get out of my hoodie and sweat pants today & I’m totally ok with that.

I don’t need to feel pretty today I just need to be surrounded by the light and the love. I need these next few months to heal my heart, my spirit and my mouth.

I am beyond blessed to have my beautiful daughter with me which means she won’t be with me for Christmas but I’ll deal with that when it gets here.

I’ve had 2 different amazing souls deliver messages to me from God that I am like Job this week and I finally started to listen. He was broken and tested and in the end he was rewarded because even though he lost everything and was sick he still got on his knees and prayed.

I believe the hard times makes us who we are. Yes there’s a few minutes a day where I feel sorry for myself but then I snap out of it. This is not an easy November, but it’s also not the end of the world.

I can’t even begin to explain to you how many people truly love me and see me exactly the way I am.

Sooooo many people keep showing up at the door, at the salon, through a message, through a card, through a phone call, bringing me food, books, hugs, flowers, slippers, blankets, and cards and so much more.

I am overwhelmed by the amount of money you guys are raising for me through my

Go fund me account to help me with my

Surgery bills because like always I’m doing everything all alone over here.

Special thank you to Brittany Oder for organizing this for me. I was surprised and overwhelmed and amazed all at once when my mom shared with me what you had done. I immediately started crying which then made me slobber so be glad you didn’t have to see that. (Wink Wink) When I read what you said about be I cried all over again and when I’m feeling down I go and read it again.

It seems as though I’ve touched many of your hearts in ways that I never even knew and now you all are returning the love by blessing me. (Sweet Sweet Karma)

I don’t think I could be where I am without my

Amazing family, my faithful friends and every single blessing that I’ve received this far.

I get messages every single day asking what you can do to help and I’m telling you that your helping me already. Your helping me every single day by letting me know that you care.

Keep sending me light and love

Keep covering me in prayers

Keep sharing the go fund me

Keep sending me texts

Keep checking on me

Keep reading my blogs

Keep reminding me of all

The love that That surrounds me

I can’t do this alone it takes a tribe to see you through the storms

you’ve reminded me how to see myself through your eyes and I’m learning to let

Go of harsh judgments from my those who never loved me

The enemy can’t beat me down anymore

He may try but your love and the strength I receive from the one true father breaks all the power he has in my mind

For those of you who know the truth and see the truth I am eternally grateful for you

This might be the year where I hurt the most but it’s also going to be a year full of firsts

Miss Peyton wants me to take her Black Friday shopping this evening and of course I told her yes.

We will stay local and we will do just a little bit and I can’t wait to start making authentic traditions with just the 2 of us

I never saw myself here because God’s plans are much more marvellous then anything I could dream up on my own

You can change your life by surrendering to your truth and allowing God to enter your heart

You can always find something to be thankful for and today I am

Thankful for you!

💜 Tay Tay

He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted

Job 9:10

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