Remember the parable about the 2 houses?

She never seemed shattered to me

She was a breathtaking mosaic of all the battles she had won 💜

I knew I was going to leave my marriage and get a divorce for quite sometime now. My

Husband said if I file for divorce then he would get an apartment. But that never happened so I had to take my daughter and move

Her and I into my moms house for a while.

While at my moms house I had an accident and had to have emergency surgery on my mouth and my jaw.

I will tell you that it’s a lot at once but oh my

Goodness is God remembering to bless me right in the middle of the storm.

I’m ready to accept the next few months are going to be hard and full of challenges. I know that the Devil is attacking me because God’s plans for me are that freaking big.

It’s easy to get sucked into the fear when you don’t know what’s going to happen with your future. One minute your trusting someone to take care of you, and the next minute the man thay you’ve spent 20 years with is running around moving money, and trying to hide as much from you as he possibly can.

Everyone thinks they understand it and knows what’s going on, but they have no clue.

As more and more truths are told about my

Story, some of you will be surprised and some

Of you will be in denial, but what really matters the most is that I was strong enough to let go.

The longer your with someone in an unhealthy relationship the harder it is for you to leave. It’s pretty much like a toxic addiction, but because you don’t know any better you just keep repeating the same toxicity over and over and over again.

Don’t think you know what goes on in families and inside homes unless you’ve spent time

In that home and with those families. It doesn’t really matter what you “think” people are like, because people are good at showing you what ever it is they want you to see.

Just like I showed you a happy marriage even though mines been a mess for the last 2 years now. Other people pretend to be things that they are not because that’s how they roll.

Me on the other hand I’m the kind of girl

Who just puts it all out there. This makes me

Vulnerable and lots of people are scared to death of real. Brene’ Brown taught me that silence is a breeding ground for shame, and I hate shame.

But guess who’s life I’m here to live?


Guess who I answer to?

My one true father

I will survive my current storms and come out stronger then before. I will be rewarded for being brave and for being strong enough to listen to the plans that God has for me.

Do you remember the parable about the 2 houses?

One was built to withstand the storms and the other one will crumble when the storm comes.

I’ve spent the the last 5 years building my house on the right foundation. I know that I’m

Right in the middle of the storm, because the enemy is attacking me from every side, but I’m still standing.

Gods got big big plans for me and once this is all over I know his plans will

Be revealed. He’s the one that’s led me hear and I was the one brave enough to open up and listen.

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