Beautiful girl your not a half you’re a whole

Women are raised to believe in order to be complete you have to get married and have a family.

Ever since I was a little girl I remember wanting attention from the opposite sex. Some girls are boy crazy and some girls could care less.

I fell Into the boy crazy category for sure.

I very specifically remember being in my teens and seeing kids my age walking around holding hands at Kings Island as a couple.

My mind immediately wanted what they had. I felt like a half and I wasn’t even sure why. I wondered if I would ever have a hand to hold. I wondered if I would ever fall in love.

I wonder at what age I actually attributed happiness to having a man. I wonder how many of those feelings I absorbed from the women in my life, and I also wonder how it took me so long to get where I am today.

After spending 20 years with the same man I am now getting a divorce, and it wasn’t a decision that I take lightly. Over the years we change and we grow, and sometimes we grow together and sometimes we grow apart.

I would love to be the victim of my life, but praise the lord I’ve outgrown those shenanigans.

I would love to blame everyone else for where I am today, but I’ve learned how to accept responsibility for my part in my life.

When you look back to the very beginning of your relationships and get real honest about what went on, you will see where you ignored the red flags.

You will see how you were more in love with the story you were telling yourself then you are with the Gods honest truth.

Here’s what I have to say to you ladies no man, no amount of money, no kids, no job, nobody in this world can give you the love that you didn’t have when you were a kid. (And if your in an unhealthy relationship you can bet your bottom dollar you’ve got unresolved child hood issues)

You are capable of doing amazing shit but first your going to need to heal your heart. Your going to have to update your blue print and stop drinking the Kool Aid.

Your also going to have to be able to withstand some uncomfortable conversations and your going to need to learn how to redefine your voice and then use it like a boss.

I never saw myself going through a divorce but I can tell you this for certain, the best years of my life are yet to come!

But only because I was brave enough to love myself unconditionally and wholeheartedly am I able to walk away from a relationship that brings chaos and rejection to my life.

Stop comparing yourself to others because your fingerprint is one of a kind for a reason.

When your ready you will know it 💜

Thanks for supporting my blog I appreciate you

Peace God Bless Namaste

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