A true story of Kindness

Happy world Kindness day!

I wrote a blog Sunday about an incident that occurred on Saturday, and my phone glitches and it all disappeared. I was a little disheartened but now I understand why it happened.

I was supposed to write the story today for world Kindness Day, gods plans are always better than mine.

Saturday my daughter had a birthday party and the kids were getting dropped off one by one when I saw a car pull into my ally.

I thought it was one of the girls grandparents. She was trying to say something to me, but I live on Main Street and it’s a noisy area so I couldn’t hear a thing she was saying.

So I ran off the porch out to the car so I could hear her. At this point I’m still thinking she’s about to tell me what time she’s going to pick up a kid from my house tomorrow, but instead she says “Honey I’m lost, I don’t know where I am and I’ve had an accident in my pants & I need your help.”

I said “can I run in the house and grab a coat and my phone so that I can help you?” She’s looked so afraid and scared that I wanted to just hug her. I told her she was safe now and I was going to help her. A smile came across her face and she seemed to be a little bit relieved.

I showed her where to park in my driveway and then I ran inside and I grabbed my phone and my coat and I told the girls what was going on.

I run back out to her car and I get in the passengers seat and I begin to talk to her and ask her questions so I can help her figure out where she needs to be.

I asked her how on earth she ended up in my ally, and she said she had been sitting in a parking lot (Masonic Temple) waiting on someone to come out and but no one was around. She just happened to see people coming to my house so she pulled in.

I told her I believe God sent you to me because he knew I would help take care of you. At this point I get a real big smile and I reassure her again that everything’s going to be ok.

We look through all her stuff but I can’t find her license anywhere. As I’m looking for ways to help her, I ask her if she’s afraid of me and she says no I’m not afraid.

At this point I say do you mind if I call a police officer to come and help us or will that scare you? She says yes it’s ok, please call someone.

I tried to get her to come In my house so I could get her some clean clothes to put on but she didn’t want to come in and I completely understood.

I called the police and gave them her license plate number and we were able to figure out where she should be.

When the officer comes I tell him that she’s an amazing woman who’s just a little confused but that she’s pretty shook up so to be gentle with her.

We end up finding her cell phone and her license so we’re able to call family for help.

It turns out she was almost 2 hours away from her home. She had been driving from a doctors appointment and gotten lost and ended up at my house.

She had several maps in her car and a full tank of ⛽️ gas thank goodness. She had water and little hand warmers but I knew that her mind was failing her.

I felt so much compassion and empathy for her that I just wanted to help her get home.

The officer talked to a relative on the phone while I ran in the house to find her a pair of clean pants to wear.

It was going to take an hour for her family to get to us and I didn’t want her sitting in the car for an hour by herself. I would have totally taken her home if we weren’t in the middle of a birthday party.

I asked her if she would be willing to follow the officer down to the station and wait inside where it’s warm and she said yes.

I said here’s some clean clothes for you to wear and don’t worry about getting them back to me. I hugged her and told her I loved her and everything was going to be all right.

Some of you might think she just happened to show up at my place but I know better then that. God sent her my way because he knew that I would provide for her.

I can’t imagine what would have happened if the timing was just a little bit different.

This lady was as much of a blessing to me as I was to her and I’m hoping I can track her down later this week and see how she’s doing.

I think my story is the perfect story for World Kindness Day 💜

Open your eyes and help your neighbors its the kind thing to do

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