Your subconscious mind is 30,000 times more powerful than your conscious mind

Your subconscious mind is

30,000 times more powerful then your conscious mind 💜

If you want to change anything your going to have to start with changing your subconscious.

It rules you and you might not even know it. It’s where you make most of your decisions from and it’s where we tend to get stuck.

Our conscious minds take focus and effort while our subconscious minds are kind of like a movie that’s always on in the background.

It’s a theme of sorts that’s always playing and it’s directly attached to our childhoods. Our minds are the most complicated parts of our entire bodies, because it’s the central processing center for everything.

Learning about your brain, will help you understand yourself. Learning that your not your brain and that your not in control of a lot of your thoughts will help you seperate yourself from the organ.

You have a mind but your not your mind.

You have a body but your not a body

You are a beautiful soul that was put here on this earth for a very important reason, and when you figure out your purpose you will begin to live with new intentions.

I hope your Monday is Full of love and presence 💜

Try to catch yourself thinking

And then become the watcher of your thoughts

And then laugh at yourself when you realize your not your thoughts and your thinking something crazy

By interrupting the thought process you will begin to rewire your mind

Thank you for reading my blog friends have a great week



God bless

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