Loving yourself might mean leaving your man

I seriously thought my husband and I would work it out and then we could coach couples on how to create a lasting love 💜

I have the love letters to prove it!

I have the marraige counseling to prove it.

I have the scars on my heart to prove it.

But, unfortunately What he was telling me and what he was telling his friends and family didn’t match though.

His words and actions began to collide with each other and the mask began to fall off. I woke the hell up and moved out of denial.

Our plans don’t always go the way we want them to.

It turns out God has other plans for ME

Instead of coaching couples I am coaching women who need support during their divorces

I’m helping others get the courage and the strength to walk away from unhealthy relationships and I teach them how to find the love they desire inside themselves 🧚🏻‍♂️

This isn’t an easy road but at the end of it you will be a new girl with a new heart ready to embrace the world again

I spent 20 years with my man

(That’s longer then I lived with my

Freaking parents) & I’ve got lots of valuable

Advice for you beautiful ladies.

But first your going to have to decide if your staying or your leaving 💜

This is the hardest part of all because teetering back and forth will

Have you dazed and confused

Once you’ve decided what’s best for you and your kids (not him he’s no longer your responsibility) there’s no going back.

When a women’s finally had enough there’s nothing you can do to get her back.

Ladies your worth so much more then the half

Ass love you’ve been getting.

Email or

Message me

When your ready to pick yourself




If you don’t know your worth don’t expect anyone

Else to know it

You end up with what you put up

With 💜

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