Beyond blessed in the midst of uncertainty

Today I took care of my entire self

I cleaned the house and had a jam session

While doing so πŸ’œ

Music feeds my soul

But only my

Music I love

Had an amazing heart to heart with my bestie Bretnie 😘 which always makes my love tank full

I went Jazzercise and got my ass

Handed to me by Our sweet little

Drill Sargent Kristen

That In turn released happy


I got to see my

Friends Stephanie and Angie and I even got books πŸ“š to read

Can you say trifecta

Next I went and picked up my girl Alicia

And she did my roots for me

Can you say winning day πŸ’œ

I heard one hell of a story at the beauty salon that made me smile on the inside

I’m going to jump in the shower and get ready for my daughters birthday party

We made the cake and were ready to go

Except I just remembered that I forgot to get ice cream 🍨

(Soon very soon)

It’s our first birthday party with just us girls and we’ve had so much fun preparing for it πŸ¦„

Loving wholeheartedv means embracing the change that’s needed to create a new life

In the midst of uncertainty I am beyond blessed

I have more then I could ever need

My heart is full and my intentions are clear

And the best is yet to come

Slay your own dragons princess

I appreciate you stopping by to read my blog

Love you loyal friends


God Bless


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