When sleeping women awaken mountains move

When sleeping women awake

Mountains move

Chinese Proverb

I’m awake

I’m awakened

I’m no longer sleep walking through my life on autopilot. I’ve learned how to live in the Now. Sometimes we get so lost in the past and the future that we forget to practice presence.

Right now

This minute

This second

It’s all we truly have

I spent years planning for a future that’s not going to happen, because I refused to deal with the reality of my situation.

Now that I’m brave enough to look within I can see my part in this. For a really long time I was more committed to being broken then I was to healing my broken parts.

By staying in an unhappy marriage I was continuing to play the role of the abandoned child. But by learning what my needs are and what I want to heal, I’ve been able to let go of all the relationships that no longer serve me.

This was the first step to reclaiming my power. This was the beginning of letting go of my old defense mechanisms and learning new ways to communicate.

It’s much easier to teach a child about their feelings, then it is to help an adult learn about their feelings, especially if they’ve been avoiding themselves their entire life.

When we have the courage to change, we will be richly rewarded with a new set of lenses.

Don’t spend your life on auto 👩‍✈️ pilot.

Be brave

Be bold

Be different

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog

I’m thankful for you


God Bless


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