Don’t be an AskHole

All the advice in the world will NEVER help you until you help yourself💜

As a hair stylist and a life coach I literally see hundreds of clients a month and they all have the same set of fears.

Sure their excuses are all different, but as your friend, I’m here to tell you different is really the same. I’ve coached friends who have a break through within a month and I’ve coached others for a year that have made very little to no progress.

You see my friends learning to figure yourself out is the only way to change your life. I did a lot of work on my own, but there were times when I needed my own coach and my

Own therapist because I was stuck.

I couldn’t get past myself and I had to have someone else tell me what to do. I had to heal some of the pain in my heart from my

Child hood. I also had to understand my can’t muscle and why it holds me back.

While this might seem like a

Shit ton of work don’t you understand that your worth it?

Don’t you realize that you’re here for a bigger and a better purpose?

Advice isn’t going to help you change, but the action that you take from the advice will bring the change that your heart desires.

Stop playing the victim

Stop making excuses

Stop blaming others

And start taking some risks today

If your stuck it’s your fault

If you want unstuck hire a coach

Or hire me

Start a new business

Find some new friends

And start living your life instead of your





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