I hope you understand…..I’m too old to “pretend” I like you

I hope you understand I’m too old to pretend I like you 🧚🏻‍♂️

I don’t do well with fake, pretending, or mindless small talk about others.

Which is probably one of the main reasons I’ve always been an entrepreneur and I stay away from bosses all together.

I’m not conforming and I’m not pretending to be something that I’m not. My ass is way to old to be pretending about anything! I’m leaving my marriage because it wouldn’t expand with me. I’m starting over because I want something real and authentic, and I would much rather be alone this year then feel alone while I’m married.

No thank you friends 💜

We’re not little kids anymore even though we sometimes feel like we are on the inside.

My life is what I choose to make it.

What I put up with I end up with.

What I tolerate I become and when it’s all said and done there’s no need for pretend in the world I live in.

I’m not going to speak to you to make you feel better. The only way I’ll speak to you is if my heart wants me to. I don’t do guilt and I don’t do shame and sure as hell don’t do


But I do real

I do honest

I do loud

I do unfiltered

I do faithful

I do funny

I do strong

I do empathy

I do compassion

I do kindness

I do loyal

I do wholehearted

I do me

But only to those who deserve it




Me for more help on being real

God Bless



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