If you feel more pain then comfort, walk away……..

This is the part where I walk away

Where I finally learn to put myself first

Where I learn what I want and I stop

Explaining myself to people who never respected me

No more denial

No more empty promises

No more coming last

There comes a time in your life when your ready to experience a deeper kind of love. At least if you are a feelings kind of person then you will eventually want more.

Deeper friendships, authentic conversations from the heart, real relationships that help you show up for life.

I’m at a point in my life where I’ve learned so much about myself that I don’t have time for small minds, gossiping busybodies, mindless chatter and useless judgments.

I spent so many years waiting to come first that I set up camp and lived in denial. I was in denial because I didn’t know any better. I was in denial because I have a good heart that sees the best in the people.

You were my blind spot but now I can see. The more I fixed you, the more I lost me. Until

I realized what love was really about. Until God placed it on my heart and gave me the eyes I needed to see things clearly.

He said “Tavia it’s time for you to pick you.

You’ve done the work sweet girl and now it’s time to let go. This is not love it’s chaos and confusion. You should have always come first in your marriage and I’m sorry that wasn’t the case. But you’ve learned your lesson and it’s time to move on, I have big plans for you but first you must be brave and take action. No more being stuck in the meantime.”

Life isn’t over it’s only beginning. The next few months are going to suck, and just when you think it can’t get worse, it will sucker punch you in the face.

But after the storm the light and the love will be waiting for you. The unspoken words in your heart will begin to unravel and your life will be more beautiful then you could have ever imagined.

But first…………..

Just breathe

God Bless



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