Never be sorry for who you are ✌️

Never be sorry for who you are

Your personality should never be shrouded in what society expects of you

Be shamelessly unapologetically you

You will find the world rallies behind those who carve roads of their own

Beau Taplin

“Success is impossible without the courage to act boldly”

13 years ago I went to work at a new salon and I became friends with these 2 beautiful souls. Over the years we’ve grown as friends, women, mothers, wives, and stylists. We’ve shared the good the bad and the ugly together and we’re still faithful friends.

When it comes to life you might not know what your going to get. But when it comes to friendship we understand each other’s fears and dreams.

We stand by each other even when shit gets scary and uncertain. We build each other up on a daily basis and we never take each other for granted.

To say we’re lucky is an understatement, but it’s the truth. When women truly love one another their love heals all of those around them and helps teach others the meaning of life.

God has blessed me with the right tribe of ladies to call my friends.

This last year has been full of trials and tribulations, and we stand broken but not defeated.

As 2018 is quickly coming to an end, we’ve all just begun a new dream together. Michelle opened her very own salon and we’re in heaven!

It’s been years in the making and we passed up many opportunities that weren’t right for us. But like all of God’s plans the right place and the right time finally came through.

I’m excited to be ending the year with those I love and those who love me.

When you are surrounded with unconditional love you will be able to blossom into the beautiful soul that your supposed to be.

I am so lucky to have a #tribe of girls in my life that are loyal and loving.

I’m so proud of Michelle for following her dreams and taking big risks on herself.

I’m so excited that Renee’s back to work and that her cancer is behind her.

I am blessed to call these beautiful ladies friends and I can’t wait to see where the next 13 years take us.





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