Flipping the switch from victim mode to survivor badass

Yesterday was a pretty special day for me for so many reasons but this picture right here is worth a million words.

I’ve wasted so much energy trying to keep my bedroom and have a sanctuary that I refused to listen to Gods plan for me.

But after a couple of really rough weeks in this house I choose peace.

You want the bedroom? You can have it✌️

I decided to create my own sanctuary because my soul needs a place that’s mine during this messy season of our lives. It was a shit ton of work but I’m so excited with the results.

I could bore you all with a bunch of drama that comes along with this, but I’m so beyond that. My space is sooooooooo comforting that I slept like a baby up there last night and my dog did too.

When it comes to life you need to learn to focus your energy on the things you can control, which is only yourself. Stop wasting valuable time arguing and allowing yourself to become upset over battles that you will never win.

Stop giving your power away and engaging in situations that leave you feeling hopeless and depleted. I know it’s hard sometime to switch over from victim mode to survivor mentality but you’ve got this Friends!

My room hasn’t felt this comforting in over a year and I didn’t even want to make a new room. Do you see how my mind had me stuck on getting my way and it wouldn’t allow me to create a new solution?

Do you understand that’s where most of us get stuck?

Do you realize that with the right heart and the right mindset you can change your entire life?

You can Beautiful people 💜

And if you need help message me




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