Honey do NOT………..


Do NOT let your beautiful mind become a battlefield

Just because someone has shown you their weapons does not mean you have to accept war

Those who are trying to break you are expecting you to be in fight mode

Conquer them with your peace ✌️

You don’t have to fight back when someone tries to break you. The vibes that we put out will always be returned to us.

Stop wasting your energy on those who want to do war with you. It’s not worth it 💜 Focus your energy on creating new memories and new beginnings and remember whose daughter you are.

You weren’t made for a small life beautiful girl and because you’ve been so brave, your going to receive many blessings.

Don’t let your fears control your destiny💜

Don’t succumb to small minds 💜

Don’t believe the lies the enemies tell you 💜

Surround yourself with love 💜

Practice gratitude daily 💜

Protect what’s yours 💜

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