Leave the city of your comfort, and head for the wildness of your intuition

You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition.

What you’ll discover will be wonderful.

What you’ll discover is yourself

Alan Alda

What a beautiful quote to start our week off with and it’s so very fitting for my current situation.

Leaving your comfort zone is a scary thing but it’s also the most liberating thing I’ve done in forever. We become complacent as humans and get stuck in the rut of our routines.

But when you decide to go on a journey into the unknown you will learn who you really are.

I can give you quite a few examples of the changes I’ve made that have catapulted me to where I am today.

The first one was deciding to invest in a new dream and business opportunity. I’ve never sold a thing in my life so I was completely intimidated and I also found a hundred reasons why I shouldn’t go for it.

So I gave myself 30 days to make a decision and I wrote that shit on the calendar. I could have stayed undecided forever if I didn’t make myself have a deadline. I could have thought about it for a year, but instead I outsmarted my own defense mechanisms.

During those 30 days I wouldn’t say that I obsessed about it but I did research it and I did talk to my friends who were already in networking.

On February 1st, I picked up my phone, I got out my credit card and I invested in a brand new business that I could run from my home. I decided to invest in myself and in something new.

When we do shit that we don’t want to do, that’s when we we truly grow. When we’re afraid but we still take the plunge, we force ourselves to grow by throwing ourselves into the unknown.

I’ve been wildly successful with my online business. I’ve met so many new friends and I’ve grown in ways that I never even thought were possible.

But first I had to go on a journey inside myself. I had to heal the parts that needed healed and I had to let go of the things that no longer served a purpose in my life.

I had to get real with myself and that’s not a fun process especially if you’ve been avoiding certain parts of yourself for as long as you can remember.

🧘‍♀️Start doing things differently, even when your afraid.

😊Stop sleep walking through your life and begin to invite the magic in.

🙏Recognize that it’s you who’s holding yourself back and it’s up to you to change

💜 Surround yourself with people who force you to level up


Thanks for reading my blog I appreciate you

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