The pain of staying the same

The truth is that any story of your life is just that, a story and it’s collapse is a beautiful thing, because when In collapses you find out who you really are; you discover that you are really life itself.

Don Jose Ruiz

What an amazing discovery to find out that you are really life itself.

The stories that we tell ourselves are just another chapter in our beautiful book of life.

Some chapters are happy and full of love and laughter. These chapters include getting married, having babies and creating your own family traditions.

Other chapters come with an ending that says will you please turn the freaking page so we can get on to the next story.

But we’re so afraid of the story we’re living that we get stuck in the fear of the future or the past and we don’t realize that time is passing us by.

We’re anywhere but in the now and we’re avoiding our true selves because we don’t know any other way.

Every single part of your story serves a purpose. If you want to change your story then you need to start taking action and get busy deciding where you want to grow.

There’s no accidents in life friends and there’s no coincidences. You have to be brave enough to accept your part as the author of your own life.

We don’t grow when shits easy.

As a matter of fact if you’ve never been hurt or in pain because something didn’t work out, then why exactly would you need God in your life?

You wouldn’t 💜

He uses your pain to bring you closer to him.

Learning to love yourself is the answer to a happy life. You are responsible for the things in your heart and your mind. You are the cause and the effect of wherever you are and whatever your experiencing.

I learned how to get out of my head and into my heart. I learned how to change my story and now you can too!

Show up for yourself because your worth it! Don’t spend another second on people that don’t deserve you or your presence and learn the end is often the beginning of sometime fabulous.

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