Moms teach your daughters about this……

She follows her inner compass and doesn’t go places that don’t honor her soul




When you’re the mother of a daughter, there are a million things that your responsible for teaching her. But I think there’s one lesson that’s more important than the rest.

We have to teach our girls to find their voice, their own inner compass. We have to teach them how to listen to their hearts instead of their heads.

We have to help them develop their own wants and needs for this life, and not conform to what others want for them.

The surest way to a miserable life is to do what makes everyone else happy. Forget everyone else, want they want isn’t important .

What you want is super important.

Your dreams are the only dreams that matter.

By middle school our girls should be developing wants and needs of their own.

They aren’t here to make parents happy or proud. They are actually on loan to the parents for a short 18 years before they go off and start living their own lives.

Ask you daughter what she wants to do with her life?

Teach her how to learn to listen to her own heart and how to block out all of your intentions for her life.

Our girls don’t need more standards to live up to.

They don’t need to conform and fit in.

They don’t need to be quiet.

They don’t need to be people pleasers.

They don’t need to act a certain way.

They don’t need to make anyone happy but themselves.

The best gift you can give your daughter is the ability to use her voice even when it shakes.

Teach her how to stand up for herself and how to be different.

Teach her what boundaries look like and what healthy love is.

Teach her how to stand up for herself.

Teach her about giving her power away.

Teach her about walking away from situations that no longer honor her heart.

Teach her that no matter what she does or doesn’t do you will always be her number one fan, because her accomplishments mean nothing to you, but a happy heart means the world to you.

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