We sin when we have our loves out of order

I just read the most beautiful description about love 💜 by David Brooks from The Wisdom of Sunday’s.

He explains it like this

“So we all love a lot of things. We love family. We love money. We love a little affection. Status. Truth. And we all know that some loves are higher. We know that our love of family is higher than our love of money. And if we’re lying to get money, we’re putting our lives out of order. And so sometimes just by our nature, we get them out of order. So, for example if a friend tells you a secret, and you blab it at a dinner party, you’re putting your love of popularity above your love of friendship. And we know that’s wrong. That’s the wrong order. And so it’s useful to sit down and say”

What do I love?

What are the things I really love?


In what order do I love them?

Am I spending time on the highest love?


Am I spending time on a lower love?

Instead of thinking of sin as something that’s dark and deprived I found this description more beautiful.

I understand it fully because over the years I’ve been guilty of having my loves out of order.

I’ve blabbed secrets in the past simply because I was in a bad spot.

Ive hurt people who didn’t deserve it because I was hurting.

But when I finally started to love myself and my life then my priorities began to shift. Instead of coming from a place of fear and lack I began to come from a place of healing and abundance.

When I spend to much time with those who don’t Honor me and my heart I begin to feel depleted and alone. My soul already knows these people are committed to misunderstanding me, so it’s time to let go and move on.

My family will always be my first and they always have been. I can say without a doubt since I began making myself a priority and learning how to heal my soul my life had changed indubitably.

I want you to be real with you because your the only one who can get it right.

Are your loves out of order?

If so

What will you do about it?

Thanks for reading my blog I appreciate you

God Bless



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